Nobody School Methodology

A Guide to Liberation Through Self-Realization

Introduction to Nobody School: Nobody School represents a transformative journey from the illusion of 'somebodyness' imposed by society to the discovery of 'nobodyness'—our true and authentic self. It is a structured path of self-discovery, combining the art of storytelling and personal development into a single, cohesive narrative.

The Philosophy of Nobody School: Our life's journey is often caught between the societal masks we wear and our quest to rediscover our genuine core. The Nobody School philosophy focuses on transcending these societal constructs and rediscovering one's pure essence.

The Four Acts and Their Elemental Associations: Our narrative unfolds through four elemental acts, corresponding to the core aspects of our being: Earth (Body), Fire (Mind), Air (Spirit), and Water (Heart). Each act is divided into three distinct beats, forming a 12-beat cycle that reflects our personal evolution and the universal flow of storytelling:

  1. Presence (Body/Earth):

    • Opening Image: The pure potential at the beginning of our journey.

    • Original Drama: The challenges that suggest our current identity isn't enough.

    • Journey Out: Searching for external solutions to our inner conflicts.

  2. Expression (Mind/Fire):

    • The Catch: Balancing authenticity with societal approval.

    • Honeymoon: The temporary illusion of success and fulfillment.

    • False Victory: Recognizing that true happiness doesn't stem from external achievements.

  3. Creation (Spirit/Air):

    • Shadow Rising: Facing our deeper fears and unresolved issues.

    • Autocorrect: Life's redirection toward our inner truths.

    • Journey In: The profound internal exploration and search for authenticity.

  4. Sharing (Water/Heart):

    • The Big Lie: Confronting the core falsehood of our life.

    • Remembering: Realizing our dual nature as both nobody and somebody.

    • Dharma: Embracing and expressing our true essence, guiding others on their path.

The Four Relationships/Addictions: Each elemental act also represents an area of human experience where addiction or 'somebodyness' can trap us:

  • Earth/Body: Physical dependencies and the quest for comfort.

  • Fire/Mind: The need for achievement and intellectual validation.

  • Air/Spirit: Reliance on external spiritual enlightenment.

  • Water/Heart: Seeking wholeness through relationships.

Utilizing the Nobody School System: This method guides individuals to:

  1. Grasp the Four Acts and their corresponding 12 beats.

  2. Identify imbalanced relationships, signaling addictions to 'somebodyness.'

  3. Locate oneself within the Four Acts and 12 Beats in relation to their addiction.

  4. Confront and discard the 'Big Lie' underpinning their addiction, paving the way to 'nobodyness.'

The Nobody School Beat Sheet: The Beat Sheet is a strategic tool for both private consultation and group workshops. It helps students identify where they might be stuck or resistant within the cycle of four elemental addictions.

Conclusion: Nobody School is an invitation to a transformative quest toward liberation. It encourages learners to navigate life's narrative with freedom and authenticity, shedding the societal masks and embracing the boundless potential within. Through this journey, we remember who we are, authoring our life story with creativity and fluidity, rather than being confined by the addiction to 'somebodyness.'

Join the Journey to Self-Realization with Oriya – Nobody School Offerings

Embark on a transformative path to uncovering your true essence with Nobody School. Guided by Oriya, each offering is meticulously crafted to lead you through the profound layers of your narrative, from the societal 'somebodyness' to the liberating 'nobodyness' at your core. Explore the different ways we can work together:

  1. The "Reminder" Session: Uncovering Your Big Lie

    • A one-off, impactful session designed to pinpoint the core illusion holding you back.

    • Gain clarity on your path to liberation and receive insights into your unique 'Big Lie.'

    • A critical step for those ready to remember and reclaim their true self.

  2. The Four-Week Process: Discovering Your Dharma

    • Dive into the Four Acts of your life's story in a guided four-week journey.

    • Identify which relationships or addictions are obstructing your path to Dharma.

    • Available in small groups for shared exploration or privately for a personalized experience.

  3. The 12-Week Deep Dive: Beating Out Your Story

    • For those committed to comprehensive transformation, this 12-week program delves into each of the 12 beats of the Nobody School.

    • A deep and detailed exploration, perfect for those who seek to thoroughly understand and navigate their journey.

    • Offered both privately and in small groups for a supportive and intimate setting.

  4. 42: The Flagship Offering for Writers

    • A specialized program for writers and creators who wish to outline a memoir, self-help book, or a narrative adaptable for the screen.

    • Craft a 42-page blueprint, with 10 beats per relationship/addiction and an additional 12 beats for the primary theme.

    • Based on the Nobody School Beat Sheet, this is your opportunity to transform profound personal insights into a compelling body of work.

Each offering is a step on the path to the ultimate goal—freedom. Free from the chains of conditioned identity, you can live a story of authenticity and purpose. Whether you're taking the first step with the "Reminder" Session or committing to the full journey with "42," Oriya's guidance is a beacon on your path to self-discovery.

Your Invitation to an Exploratory Call Begin your journey with a no-obligation exploratory call with Oriya. This initial conversation is not just an introduction but the groundwork for your transformative journey. Together, you will discuss your aspirations, challenges, and the best path forward in Nobody School's offerings. This call is a step toward actualizing your potential and embracing the story you were meant to live.

Book your exploratory call today and open the door to remembering who you are—beyond the narrative given to you by the world.