Hello, I my name is Oriya and I am a recovering somebody.

I serve as a spiritual resource & life-guide.

I’m here to support you on your path and (hopefully) remind you who & where you are - on the (damn) journey…

from a struggling to constantly improve “somebody” to a happy and loving nobody :)

I get it… I totally understand the feeling of despair, lost and anxiety that comes with the everlasting self improvement journey of “seeking” and “improving”… and becoming somebody 🤪

You see, for most of my life, I struggled with the great addiction of trying to become “somebody”… special, powerful, successful, normal, love-able, righteous or at least ”not bad”…

My journey began as religious kid in Israel, dreaming to be free - American Dream Style. I migrated (ran away) to America as a teenager to chase the “stuff” I saw in the movies - most importantly: make something out of myself!

I did whatever I technically could, for over 20 years, trying to become a cool “somebody”…

I looked outside, saw what was to new frontier to pioneer and jumped right in - unprepared & ready to go!

Out of high school:

- a Microsoft & Cisco certified Professional, before anyone even knew about these companies!

Immediately followed by:

- a New York City tech founder & entrepreneur in the hot dot.com bubble era…

After selling a (7 figure) company in my early 20s:

- an NLP Practitioner & Ericksonian Hypnotherapist - learning from the O.G. teachers…

but $ seemed cooler:

- a hot real-estate agent & broker during the good ‘ol days,

but addictions were getting me so I ran away again from the east to the west coast:

- a business & marketing consultant in Los Angeles working with Hollywoodies to spread “love & light” in the world…

After a quarter-life crisis, I spent my 30s being:

- a mega supercool underground urban shaman facilitating designer-plant-medicine journeys around the globe for the elite spiritual crowd

The harder I tried to become “sombody” the harder my soul became…

Unfortunately (or fortunately) my “somebody” bubbles kept bursting… and every boom became worst and and more embarrassing than the last…

Until one day - I have found myself in a complete recreation of my tumultuous childhood… this time with my own family, 30 years later and 3000 miles from where I ran away from as a teenager…

That’s when I realized that I must go back into the Lion’s Den. I must stop looking outward, return home, heal and re.member…

so one day, I can actually be my name (light of god)

So at the age of 37, with my Somebody’s tail between its legs, I returned back home (Israel) with my wife and child, to give nervous system a chance to relax… while I had one thing on my todo list: stop everything - most specifically: hustling to be somebody.

I gave myself a year, maybe two to “heal and figure out my stuff”… but life had its own healing plan for me… upon arrival we found out that we were pregnant and we were blessed with another boy, my father followed me home to suddenly die and the pandemic put everyone on zoom…

For the first time, at the age of 40, I felt that perhaps I’m really not so crazy… and that my long held suspicion that the whole world is mad - is actually true!

Right around the time my father’s passing, a mentor & friend showed up for me - big time!

Truth is, I have always wished for a Mentor like I read about in Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich… so that was a welcomed surprise…

What was even more surprising was his tenacity and relentlessness to ensure I get one simple yet profound concept: that all change and healing comes from within.

We got on the phone (FaceTime Audio) everyday for 2 years (except the days I managed to ignore my higher self) and aside from my own family’s needs, I completely disconnected from the outside world and dove deeper and deeper with the intention to re.member.

I’ll admit, I was close to giving up on this whole inward-healing business… and on the day I literally decided to end my mentoring relationship with my soul-friend it actually happened.

More than 5 years after returning home, doing very little except journeying inwards, playing house and picking up the phone for my daily reminder… during the fall of my 42nd year on earth, I re.membered.

While it’s impossible to describe the ineffable… I can share my re.membrance in one sentence:

I am the ocean, expressed as a wave, re.membering that I am the ocean.

Listen, I had been in the personal development game since 1998, heck - I was born into Kabbalah in 1980… I spent my 30: ingesting dozens of plant-medicine formulas and participated in hundreds of shamanic ceremonies - and right before I picked up the phone for my first mentoring session I finished a 180 days on LSD…

I have seen, felt and experienced the oneness of it all… many times - but nothing came close to that moment where everything just “clicked”…

I re.membered

My whole journey I kept trying to become a “cool & successful wave”, not realizing I am actually the ocean…

I am no longer trying to become “somebody”

When I am somebody, it’s merely a role I have accepted to play in this sacred game of life.

So what changed? Was it the 5 years of inwardness? Karma? age? My mentor’s love and persistence?

I don’t know… and quiet frankly it doesn’t matter. What matters for me now is creating more waves of re.memberances…

because there’s really nothing else to do.

The whole point of life is to re.member our oceanness and to create more waves home…

Inspired by my Mentor’s unwavering commitment and relentlessness to remind me of who I have always been… I know what’s possible

I know my medicine… and I’m grateful to share it with you.

Explore a Journey with me on re.membership!

In addition - as diehard story nerd, I have mapped the re.membering journey in 12 beats (Four Acts broken down) which I use a map and writing tool to decode your journey, uncover your deeper story and share your truth!

This body of work is freely available to use and reference at www.12beats.com and/or on this one page overview here.

Can you see which ACT and/or BEAT are you stuck in? repeating? avoiding?

If you feel the calling to work-play-remember together, book a 20 minute call to explore a re.membership. We play via Audio notes, Calls, Zoom, lots of Writing and the ocean of consciousness.

Starting 2023 - I am hosting online re.membering study & support groups, open for all, please connect with me personally to ensure alignment; and will send you details.

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