When forgetting isn’t an option!

Welcome to my remembering portal…

My intention is remind you who you really are.

When you re-member, you are connected to your own creative source energy - the realm of everyday magic, miracles and blessings.


May name is Oriya

I am a father, husband a cosmic reminder…

I spent over two decades in shadow careers, preparing & initiating to serve you now.

I started my career in high-tech - the dot.com era (the late 90’s), pioneering internet service providers and networking, eventually transitioning in 2010 to really-high tech - pioneering the use of psychedelics, psychoactive and plant-medicines, personally and professionally to “re-member”…

For over 20 years, I did my best (really) to avoid my true calling and hide behind knowledge, certifications, ancient wisdom, tools and indigenous resources…

I kept searching for answers, truths and medicine outside of me and when I would find it, I would spend the next few years offering and serving that particular solution instead of acknowledging my own innate medicine and being it.

Sounds familiar? That’s perfectly natural… and is even part the the initiation.

We all spend time in our Shadow Careers, Relationships and Spiritual Communities… yet, the times comes to Re-member who you really are and become the source of your powers instead of giving it away….

I first received the idea for “remembership” - a paid soul-reminding service, in 2014 when I was knee-deep in my biggest Shadow Career, serving as an “urban shaman” leading and participating in Shamanic Ceremonies - utilizing psychedelics, plant-medicine and sacred-substances to expand consciousness and crack open the heart.

I always knew it was another Shadow Career of mine, but I did keep notes:

The most common questions and biggest struggle after these divine experiences were always the same:

  • How can I remember every day?

  • Why do I keep forgetting?

  • Is there a way to “do this” without the medicine?

  • I would like to not be so dependent on my own usage of cannabis and psychedelics to remember who I really am…

and here is what I know for sure:

  1. We are connected, nourished and healed by a creative source energy source that’s within us all.

  2. We are always creating our reality with what we believe about ourselves, our imagination and intentions - conscious and unconscious.

  3. When we are not in harmony with our own creative source energy, we experience disease and chaos as a way to “autocorrect” us to journey inward, reconnect, take responsibility for our true creative powers… in other words: “re-member” who we are.

So at the age 42, I finally emerge out of my own shadows and offer you my simple and direct offerings & services.

This website is my re-membering portal… I use it to write and share my reminders as well as to invite anyone who could use a reminder to play with me.

My goal is to build a community or re-members… so forgetting is no longer part of our initiation journey….

What would your life be like if you spent more time re-membering, as opposed to forgetting, searching and seeking…

Not sure where to start? but you know you want to….

Send me a note, a question, a prayer, problem or dilemma you are experiencing and we can see what unfolds…

Ways to get in touch with me:

🙏 Your questions tremendously help me in providing value and re-membering myself….

Together, we remember!


p.s. - I love you


Remember Who You Are