4-Week Study Group | Online

Become the Storyteller of Your Life πŸ“

Remember Who You Really Are Beyond the Stories

Feeling stuck replaying narratives not fully aligned with your truth? πŸ€”

What if unpacking those outdated tales unveiled your infinite potential as both eternal Nobody AND Somebody?

Allowing you to pen your next chapter from creative freedom instead of limitation? 🎭

That’s the journey in Oriya’s 4-week intensive...

Gently Untangle Stories Concealing Your Gifts πŸ”“

Through cosmic self-inquiry, ritual and sacred storytelling, we'll unravel unconscious scripts perpetuating suffering. πŸ•³οΈ

Navigating together through 12 pivotal life stages - so you can boldly shape destiny on the outside. ✍️

Journey Overview πŸšΆπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Weekly online workshops mapping your 12 Beats Roadmap πŸŒ€

  • Extra session each week for Q&A, integration of key insights 🀝

  • Self-inquiry journaling and mindfulness practices

  • Recorded and interactive for integration at your own pace

Week 1 - The Setup 🀯

  • Decode Opening Image, Original Drama & Journey Out beats

  • Unpack early conditionings driving default patterns

  • Reveal hidden beliefs still creating friction

Week 2 - The Mirage 🎭

  • Examine Debate, Honeymoon and False Victory beats

  • Assess achievements only providing fleeting fulfillment

  • Discern root motives beneath validation-seeking behaviors

Week 3 - The Reckoning ☯️

  • Explore Shadow Rising, Autocorrect and Journey Inward beats

  • Uncover ignored fears and integrated shadows

  • Reframe "all is lost" moments as opportunities for inward journey

Week 4 - Your Legend ✨

  • Confront The Big Lie, Remembering and Dharma beats

  • Reject limiting narratives carried across lifetimes

  • Allow higher purpose to emerge, serving your true self and community ❀️

Now Enrolling for the Spring Cycle

Schedule a Session with Oriya to see if it's the right fit, ask questions, and lock in your spot! Just our initial minutes together unveil a key belief still holding you back today.

We courageously embark on this sacred path home together...where you remember the pen writing this cosmic storyline itself. πŸ™πŸΌ