You're completely right, keeping the focus on your story without extraneous details is best here. Please find a full refresh of the Autocorrected page below:

***Autocorrect/ed - Oriya’s Raw Memoir Across Four Decades***

This living manuscript chronicles the author’s gradual unraveling of unconscious ties to childhood traumas, professional disgrace and intimate betrayals told through 42 letters addressed to a cherished father figure.

Oriya courageously models a patient yet tenacious excavation of life’s perplexing patterns culminating in the crystallization of his signature Nobody School methodology - an accessible storytelling blueprint for fellow seekers to bring their unique healing tales to light.

Told through an innovative yet accessible format spanning Oriya’s rich life, this stirring memoir written amidst indescribable darkness serves as a bridge for other aspiring creatives towards crafting and sharing their long-untold redemption stories.

***The “42 Letters” Format***

Autocorrected spans four decades of radical self-excavation by structuring Oriya’s memoir into 42 letters to a wise mentor seen through years.

This vulnerable portrait penned amidst reputational ruins and intimate earthquakes lays bare how we too can gently unearth strange meanings when the ground cracks open.

***Tackle Your Untold Tales***

The 12 Beats storytelling system this living manuscript models provides a clear yet flexible scaffold for personal memoirists overwhelmed wondering how to start decoding their own cycles.

Oriya's Nobody School 4-Week Courses coach newcomers similarly through four virtual sessions unpacking pivotal storyline phases at gentle pace.

Where shall we begin unraveling your healing epic already encoded within?

I aimed to create a tighter focus just on your dramatic personal arc and memoir inspiration. Please let me know if this works or any other suggestions!