42 Beats | Your Healing Story On One Page

Got stories that keep wriggling free every time you try containing them? 🐛 Weary of structures unable to hold the magic inside you?

Well this “throw everything at the wall” memoir mapping ritual gifts your slippery life-journey a flexible container to finally take form. 🗝

It’s like therapy, shamanic journeys, rabbinical counsel and having a life coach ghostwriter fusioned into one custom creation vessel. 👨🏻‍⚕️+🧙🏻‍♂️+🤵🏻‍♂️+📝=💫

In 3 months, we’ll transform your messy odyssey into a potent 42 page artifact for healing, book deals or creative projects.

Our Nimble Yet Liberating Roadmap 🧭

  • Body: Addictions & Physical Relationships x 10 Beats

  • Mind: Purpose, Career & Self-Identity x 10 Beats

  • Spirit: Faith, Spirituality & The Unknown x 10 Beats

  • Heart: Love, Intimacy & Community x 10 Beats

Plus the 2 Final Beats Capturing Your Ultimate Lesson & Dharmic Way Forward = 42 Beats / Scenes / Pages / Chapters

Here's Your Takeaway Treasure...

A 42 Page Story Map distilling your remarkable transitions into accessible magic. 🎬

For Those Truly Called To This Sacred Unburdening

If you’re ready to wrangle the legend your soul’s been writhing to tell, I'll support this sacred extraction. ✍️

Through ritual, cosmic framing and compassionate accountability – not pressure or productivity hacks.

If you resonate with this purposefully “too much” memoir approach, let’s connect! I'm committed to an epic soul voyage. 🚀