Mar 24, 2023

Welcome to Nobody School, where we explore the journey from being a somebody to embracing the power of nobody. Join us on a transformative journey through the 12 beats of the Nobody School framework and discover the magic of your own story.

Begin by downloading the beat sheet PDF and familiarizing yourself with the four acts, each corresponding to a different fundamental element of life - body, mind, spirit, and heart. Over the course of the next several months, we'll be cycling through the 12 beats multiple times, exploring different themes and voices, including your own personal story.

Spring and summer will feature my personal stories for each act, beat, and theme, providing a reference to not just use the beat sheet but also to inspire you to relook at your most dramatic and successful moments as just beats in the Nobody-Somebody journey.

April: The Spiritual Junkie (Body, Column A)

In April, we'll explore the Body realm, with a focus on the role of consciousness-expanding substances and the Spiritual Junkie voice from the Diary of a Reluctant Shaman.

Week 1 (April 1 - April 9): Opening Image, Original Lie, Somebodyness

In the first week, we'll explore the opening image of our lives and the story we've been telling ourselves. We'll dive deep into the original lie and examine the ways in which we've pursued somebodyness.

Week 2 (April 10 - April 16): Journey Out, The Catch, Honeymoon

During the second week, we'll investigate the catalyst for our outward journey, ponder the compromises we've made, and examine the honeymoon period of our somebodyness.

Week 3 (April 17 - April 23): False Victory, Shadow Rising, Autocorrect

In the third week, we'll delve into the realization of our false victory, confront the rising shadows, and experience the autocorrect phase.

Week 4 (April 24 - April 30): Journey In, Nobody, Integration

As we journey inward to confront our greatest fears and lies, we'll embrace the concept of nobody and begin the process of integration.

Remember to use the A column of the beat sheet for the Body element/relationship/theme/timeline, as well as the specific beats for each week. Happy journeying!

May: The American Dreamer (Mind, Column B)

In May, we'll delve into the Mind element of the Nobody School beat sheet - Column B - which represents our mental relationship with ourselves and the world around us. We'll explore our relationship to success, particularly in America, as we seek to become somebody successful.

June: The Shaman, Wizard, Magician (Spirit, Column C)

During the summer season, we'll take three months to explore the Spirit element of the Nobody School beat sheet - Column C - which represents our spiritual relationship with ourselves and the world around us. We'll delve into the Shaman, Wizard, Magician archetype, where we come to cleanse our somebodyness.

Summer: The Romantic (Heart, Column D)

In June, we'll turn our attention to the Heart element of the Nobody School beat sheet - Column D - which focuses on our emotional relationships with ourselves and others. We'll explore our relationship to ourselves, others, and love in particular, as we quest for love while avoiding being somebody bad so we can be worthy of it.

Fall & Winter: Exploring Player Stories Through the Journey

During the fall and winter seasons, we'll be shifting our focus to exploring the stories of our players as part of the Nobody-Somebody journey.

So make sure you download the beat sheet PDF and start getting familiar with it, engage in upcoming weekly journeying sessions, and begin filling out your personal journey as you progress through the 12 beats again and again :)

So who's the main storyteller of your life?