Coaching & Writing Program

Work with me to re-member yourself.

As a reluctant shaman and life guide - I am here to guide and support you on the journey “home”…

I have created multiple “journeys” as playgrounds for us to “work together”.

Our playground includes

Phone / zoom sessions

Writing through “smart docs” (interactive worksheets)

Audio notes

Ethereal Communication

I have curated a bunch of “journeys” for play-options - you can explorer on

Important: pdon’t aboard remembership before discussing with me first… let’s make sure and right we are both committed to reminding each other.

My general & shamanic experience & areas of expertise:


EverydayAddictions (cannabis, alcohol, screens, suffering, food, work).

Mindfulness & presence

depression & physical vitality

REMEMBERSHIP is a monthly Mentoring program including:

  • Weekly Private Sessions (45 minutes with recording & transcription available)

  • Unlimited* 2-way Audio-Notes check-ins (Whatsapp / Telegram / SMS)

  • Private & Customized Audio Reminders right when you need them…

Investment: $500 **

My ares of expertise:

  • Body: addictions & mindfulness/presence

  • Mind: identity/expression & business

  • Spirit: spiritual expansion/integration & faith/anxiety

  • Heart: love/relationships & intimacy

Ready to explore? Schedule a 20 minute call or jump right in on WhatsApp or Telegram.

*common sense applies
**additional individual sessions available after a month.

M3 Story is a monthly writing program for decoding your journey and uncovering your deeper story.

  • The Finished Product: a 12 paragraph/pages Micro Memoir Document.

  • We work in writing via upcoach’s interactive worksheets

  • Weekly Mentoring & Feedback Session

Investment: $1,200 private | $400 group

Publishing services are also available.

Explore the M3 Curriculum Here.

When you’re ready, send your Opening Image OR Autocorrect to