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Hello, I am Oriya - a Reminder on the Journey Home.

Welcome to my re.membering portal…

My mission in life is to dispel the Illusion of Separation.

My passion is to remind you who you (really) are.

My intention is create community and support structures along this sacred and mythical journey of re.membering.

For those who feel compelled to connect personally, I do provide guidance in private and small groups aboard

In addition, to make the re.membering process fun, I have created the M3 writing program - for which I provide an overview below, right after a quick “about/origins” section.

I reference M3 (and the 12 Beats within it) in my writings and shares on this website, free to take a deeper dive @

Together, we re.member!

Love, Oriya


I spent over two decades in shadow careers, I started my career in high-tech - the era (the late 90’s), pioneering internet technologies and eventually transitioning in 2010 to really-high tech - pioneering the use of psychedelics & plant-medicines, personally and professionally to “re-member” my way home.

The most common questions and biggest struggle during & after these altered-state experiences were always the same:

  • How can I remember every day?

  • Why do I keep forgetting?

  • Is there a way to “do this” without the medicine?

  • I would like to not be so dependent on my own usage of cannabis and psychedelics to remember who I really am…

and here is what I know for sure:

  1. We are connected, nourished and healed by a creative source energy source that’s within us all.

  2. We are always creating our reality with what we believe about ourselves, our imagination and intentions - conscious and unconscious.

  3. When we are not in harmony with our own creative source energy, we experience disease and chaos as a way to “autocorrect” us to journey inward, reconnect, take responsibility for our true creative powers… in other words: “re-member” who we are.

  4. Only when we confront our “Big Lies” which keep us in the Illusion of Separation, do we even have the chance to Reject those lies, and only when we Reject these lies, can the experience of RE.MEMBERING arise within us to free us from the pain, suffering and illusion of disconnection.

We all spend time in our Shadow Careers, Relationships and Spiritual Practices… yet, the times comes to Re.member who you really are and become the source of your powers instead of giving it away….

After 42 years of hiding myself, I have fully accepted my role as a guide on the journey home… I do it by reminding you of what you are pretending to have forgotten and illuminating where and what you are pretending to be hiding…

Once you re.member… you can’t go back, but you will experience pushback from your built-in antagonist and resistance… hence my life’s work of support, guidance and community building.

What would your life be like if you spent more time re.membering, as opposed to forgetting, searching and seeking…

Not sure where to start?

Send me a note, a question, a prayer, problem or dilemma you are experiencing and we can see what unfolds…

Ways to get in touch with me:

🙏 Your questions tremendously help me in providing value and re.membering…

Together, we remember!


M3 Writing Program & The 12 Beats Overview

12 Beats is a Storytelling Framework for Self-Realization and the “Journey Home”.

Please note: if you want to skip directly to the 12 Beats Breakdown - just scroll all the way to the bottom!

The 12 Beats Modality is a hybrid of Hollywood Screenwriting, Nature’s Intelligence and Psychedelic (shamanic) Wisdom.

I originally created the 12 Beats as Structure for Memoirs & Personal Development Projects that utilize personal transformational stories.

Over time, the 12 Beats evolved as a comprehensive Writing Program which I have named M3 - as a reference for a “Meaning Making Machine” or “Micro-Memoir Magic”…

In Short: M3 & the 12 Beats is a healing modality for decoding life’s journey and uncovering one’s deeper story, purpose and truths. I utilize M3 as a coaching tool and a resource for healing in my journeys.

The Pillars of M3

Let’s start with the Pillars of M3 follows by the basic principles, elements, acts & 12 beats:

  1. The whole point of life’s journey is self-realization… being at “home” with ourselves and expressing our gifts utilizing our real power. The “Journey” part is a must as we are forced to confront our fears, shadows and lies.

  2. The self-realization journey follows nature’s four basic elements (earth, fire, air and water) as it introduces us the opposite & complimentary aspects (yin and yang) of the four primary relationships (body, mind, spirit and heart) that make up our lives.

  3. The unfolding of the journey express these elements as the “Four Acts” that move us from the intial forgetfulness/motivation (1) to temporary success (2), life’s autocorrect (3) and re.membering (4).

  4. We repeat the four act journey in each primary relationship (body, mind, spirit and heart) until we re.member who we really are and arrive “home”.

  5. When we are “home” we experience ONENESS… we operate in the world from a state of giving, sharing and creating oneness… in other words, we no longer identified with SEPARATION… which are the elements, relationships or acts and we ultimately become the Fifth Element - which is consciousness itself, oneness - the source AND generator of all of life itself.

Tall order? Sure… but that’s whole game of life… re.membering…. otherwise, why would we born into forgetfulness?

Okay… let’s break things down further.

M3 works because it comes directly from the intelligence of the natural world… or even more accurately, the intelligence of relational fields that generates life itself!

M3 works because it revolves around the following simple truths:

The Basic Principals

  1. life is a set of relationships

  2. Relationships are made up of two opposite and complimentary energies

  3. The movement of the two primary energies generate the four elements of life and its corresponding human experiences.

  4. The center of these energies & elements is consciousness itself - which is the active “relational field”… all of life’s wisdom comes from this field.

  5. If you want to decode this primal wisdom, you want to understand the elements and what happens in that basic movement of coming together and growing apart.

The Four Elements (Nature) & their correlating Primary Relationships (Humans)

Important to notice - the basic elements of nature (fire, earth, earth and air) have their own expression in human consciousness - which I am referring to as a Primary Relationship.

For example: the primary element of FIRE in Nature, gets experienced as MIND in Humans… and as far consciousness goes - I am referring to it as a Primary Relationship… so the element of Fire is experienced in Human Consciousness as the Relationship with One’s Mind …. makes sense?

  • EARTH / BODY - Our relationship to our body and the present - the here & now, healing, manifestation and presence.

  • FIRE / MIND - Our relationship to ourselves and our identity, what we believe about ourselves and how we show up in the world.

  • AIR / SPIRIT - Our relationship to the mystery and all unknown possibilities... faith, God and the divine creativity.

  • WATER / HEART - Our relationship and levels of intimacy to everyone else, from our intimate interests to the larger community.

Again… the above should make sense :) if it doesn’t - please please let me know!


Next, let’s decode the re.membering journey for human consciousness… when you identify your whereabouts along the journey home, you stand a much better chance of moving forward instead of repeating again and again and again…

The Four Acts

The main idea: Life takes us on a journey to master each of these four primary areas / realms / relationships - until we re.member who we are - a.ka. arrive home to our true selves - (the experience of oneness)

The Four Acts and its subsequent 12 beats follow a universal pattern I found in my shamanic experiences and storytelling research & development.

They should make sense just be looking at it:

  • ACT 1 - PRESENCE (body): In this first act, we begin our journey in a state of forgetfulness, followed by a twist- the Original Lie that becomes the desire and our motivation for change & transformation.

  • ACT 2 - EXPRESSION (mind): In the second act, we typically use our mind to fix our problems (Original Lie), and we experience a honeymoon period (fun & games, temporary success) followed by the deeper realization that nothing is actually "fixed".

  • ACT 3 - CREATION (spirit): Creation pushes us to surrender to spirit and the unknown. First our fears and shadows catch up to us and manifest as real life problems, ultimately leading us to the big cleanser - Life's Autocorrect, which forces us to journey inward (as opposed to outwards at the end of Act 1).

  • ACT 4 - SHARING (heart): Few brave this act as we are forced to confront our biggest lies from within and only when we reject them, we have the opportunity at re.membering who we really are which usually is followed by a new state of creatorship - taking responsibility for our creative imagination and co-creating the life we were born to lead.

Finally, :) these cosmic four acts are further broken down to 12 "beats", 3 in each act, to help you identify where you might be and what's coming next.

The 12 Beats

The 12 beats are "quantum moments of transformation" - life stories, events and "check-points" that move us along our self-realization journey.

Like I said, I have developed them from Mythical storytelling methodologies, Hollywood screenwriting techniques and indigenous Shamanic Wisdom.

Here they are in one breath:

  1. Opening Image - You're the storyteller

  2. Original Lie - The tare in the vail, original pain and hurt

  3. Journey Out - The soul's rite of passage starts on the outside

  4. The Debate - your initial resistance and compromises

  5. Honeymoon - The promise of the premise - a temporary experience of success.

  6. False Victory - moment of truth

  7. Shadow Rising - the beginning of the end of the lie

  8. Autocorrect - the great cleanser

  9. Journey In - the only way out

  10. The Big Lie - confront it and/or die

  11. Re.membering - Taking responsibility of your true power

  12. Integration - Bringing your gift back to the community...

There you have it… M3 in a glance… you’re encouraged to dive deeper at

I hope it makes sense to you and that it provides you some clarity for your own journey home. If I can support you in anyway, I would be honored.