MicroMemoir Beat Sheet

Micro Memoir Beat Sheet (m2) is a Storytelling Framework for Writers & Memoirists.

M2 is a hybrid of Hollywood Screenwriting and Psychedelic (Nature’s) Wisdom.

M2 is being used by writers seeking to utilize their own life stories and/or create outlines for writing projects, memoirs, self-help & other stories of transformation.

The genius of this method is the Micro Memoir Beat Sheet. Download it, print and give it a go. You will be amazed with what it can do for you.

My professional work revolves around helping writers fill it out and beyond, so feel free to explore with me.

The basic premise of the Micro Memoir Beat Sheet is a 4 ACT structure with 12 Beats (Key moments) across 4 different Themes and/or Timelines. That’s it.

I created it in a way to get your creative juices flowing and call in your muses.

Once you understand how and why this works, sitting down (or standing up) to fill this out is somewhat of a spiritual journey because it gets your mind and soul working together to invoke your spirit and heart onto this one pager.

I have written in depth about it on Micro-Memoir.com, but I am going to attempt to give you a quick overview here. Like I said, my work is teaching this stuff and support authors in implementing this method, but I am going to do my best to write it out here.

The Pillars of M3

Let’s start with the Pillars of M3 follows by the basic principles, elements, acts & 12 beats:

  1. The whole point of life’s journey is remembering who we really are. The map, stations and check-points of the “Journey” is to introduce us to the many aspects and powers of life where we are forced to confront our fears, shadows and lies.

  2. The remembering journey follows nature’s four basic elements (earth, fire, air and water) as it introduces us the opposite & complimentary aspects (yin and yang) of the four primary relationships (body, mind, spirit and heart) that make up our lives.

  3. The unfolding of the journey express these elements as the “Four Acts” that move us from the initial forgetfulness/motivation (1) to temporary success (2), life’s autocorrect (3) and remembering (4).

  4. We repeat the four act journey in each realm / primary relationship (body, mind, spirit and heart) until we remember who we really are and arrive “home”.

The Micro Memoir Frakework works because it is based on simple and elegant truths found in nature:

  1. life is a set of relationships

  2. Relationships are made up of two opposite and complimentary energies

  3. The movement of the two primary energies generate the four elements of life and its corresponding human experiences.

  4. The center of these energies & elements is consciousness itself - which is the active “relational field”… all of life’s wisdom comes from this field.

  5. If you want to decode this primal wisdom, you want to understand the elements and what happens in that basic movement of coming together and growing apart.

The Four Elements in Nature & their correlating Realms for Humans:

Important to notice - the basic elements of nature (fire, earth, earth and air) have their own expression in human realm - consciousness - which I am referring to as “Primary Relationships”.

For example: the primary element of FIRE in Nature, gets experienced as MIND in Humans… and as far consciousness goes - I am referring to it as a Primary Relationship… so the element of Fire is experienced in Human Consciousness as the Realm / Relationship with One’s Mind …. makes sense?

  • EARTH / BODY Realm - Our relationship to our body and the present - the here & now, healing, manifestation and presence.

  • FIRE / MIND Realm - Our relationship to ourselves and our identity, what we believe about ourselves and how we show up in the world.

  • AIR / SPIRIT Realm - Our relationship to the mystery and all unknown possibilities... faith, God and the divine creativity.

  • WATER / HEART Realm - Our relationship and levels of intimacy to everyone else, from our intimate interests to the larger community.

Again… the above should make sense :) if it doesn’t - please please let me know!


Next, let’s decode the remembering journey for human transformation… when you identify your whereabouts along the journey home, you stand a much better chance of moving forward instead of repeating again and again and again…

The Four Acts

The main idea: Life takes us on a journey to master each of these four primary areas / realms / relationships - until we re.member who we are - a.ka. arrive home to our true selves - (the experience of oneness)

The Four Acts and its subsequent 12 beats follow a universal pattern I found in my shamanic experiences and storytelling research & development.

They should make sense just be looking at it:

  • ACT 1 - PRESENCE (body): In this first act, we begin our journey in a state of forgetfulness, followed by a twist- the Original Lie that becomes the desire and our motivation for change & transformation.

  • ACT 2 - EXPRESSION (mind): In the second act, we typically use our mind to fix our problems (Original Lie), and we experience a honeymoon period (fun & games, temporary success) followed by the deeper realization that nothing is actually "fixed".

  • ACT 3 - CREATION (spirit): Creation pushes us to surrender to spirit and the unknown. First our fears and shadows catch up to us and manifest as real life problems, ultimately leading us to the big cleanser - Life's Autocorrect, which forces us to journey inward (as opposed to outwards at the end of Act 1).

  • ACT 4 - SHARING (heart): Few brave this act as we are forced to confront our biggest lies from within and only when we reject them, we have the opportunity at remembering who we really are which usually is followed by a new state of creatorship - taking responsibility for our creative imagination and creating more waves…

Finally, :) these cosmic four acts are further broken down to 12 "beats", 3 in each act, to help you identify where you might be and what's coming next.

The 12 Beats

The 12 beats are "quantum moments of transformation" - life stories, events and "check-points" that move us along our self-realization journey.

Like I said, I have developed them from Mythical storytelling methodologies, Hollywood screenwriting techniques and indigenous Shamanic Wisdom.

Here they are in one breath:


  1. Opening Image - You're the storyteller - pick whatever moments you want to kickoff / start your story with…

  2. Original Lie - The tare in the vail, original pain and hurt - could be in childhood or whenever you decided that you need fixin’

  3. Journey Out - Traditionally, this is the Catalyst or Inciting Events, but we are calling it “Journey Out” as it represents going outside yourself to look for a fix.


  4. The Debate - your initial resistance, doubts and more importantly: compromises

  5. Honeymoon - The promise of the premise - your temporary experience of success in any of those realms / relationships / areas of life.

  6. False Victory - Your moment of truth - when you can tell that you are not better off than when you started the journey - but just because we know the truth, doesn’t mean we reject the lie…


  7. Shadow Rising - the beginning of the end of the lie… the initial cracks in your story / journey / success …

  8. Autocorrect - the great cleanser - the all is lost moments…

  9. Journey In - the only way out is in… this is the real purpose of “Dark Night of the Soul”


  10. The Big Lie - Only when you go through the Dark Night, spend enough time inward - will you be able to confront your original twists and big lies that your soul chose in order to finally reject it and:

  11. Remembering - this is the true “coming of age” moment - when you remember that everything you need is already within you and you reject the original lie, the illusion of separation and your faith in X is renewed.

  12. Integration - once you remember, you take full responsibility for your powers and share your truth.

There you have it… Micro Memoir in a glance.

Imagine going through these Four Acts & Twelve Beats throughout Four Different Timelines / Areas of Your life. In one Sitting… that’s a Writer’s Orgasmic Experience… That’s what the Micro Memoir Beat Sheet is for.

I hope it makes sense to you and that it provides you some clarity for your own journey home. If I can support you in anyway, I would be honored.