Mar 24, 2023

Nobody - The Game has one intention only - to guide you back home to nobody - a state of being where everything is possible again. It's a place where you can tap into your creativity, find peace, and experience unconditional love without trying, pushing, or pulling. The beauty of nobody is that it allows you to be any somebody you wish, without identifying with it.

In today's world, society tells us that we need to be somebody - somebody good, somebody successful, somebody rich, somebody beautiful. But trying to be somebody is like chasing after the wind, and avoiding being somebody bad is just another way of being somebody. At Nobody School, we believe that the key to a fulfilling life is to let go of the attachment to somebodyness and return to the state of nobody.

Once we learn to embrace nobody, we can integrate any someobody role that life requires or invites us to play out.

The Game (nobody school) has 4 Acts, each with 3 Checkpoints, or Beats, representing the soul's journey from nobody to somebody, back to nobody, and integration as nobody-somebody. Our curriculum provides a roadmap of each Checkpoint to help guide you through your journey.

This checkpoint worksheet serves as a roadmap to help you navigate the 12 Beats of Nobody School, each representing a key stage of your journey. As you progress through each beat, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, developing the skills and wisdom needed to embrace the magic of your own story.


  1. Opening Image: Reflect on a defining moment that marks the beginning of your journey, setting the tone for your adventure as the main storyteller of your life.

  2. Original Lie: Identify the origin of an early belief that you're not enough, revealing the source of limiting beliefs that have held you back.

  3. Somebodyness: Examine the role you believed you needed to fulfill to counter or fix the Original Lie, shaping the identity you thought you needed to become.

  4. Journey Out: Reflect on the pivotal events that set you on your path, enabling you to identify patterns and motivations that have driven your actions.

  5. The Catch: Gain insight into the moments when you may have strayed from your authentic self in the quest for somebody status, revealing the compromises made in the process.

  6. Honeymoon: Appreciate the joys and successes in your life while also recognizing the limitations and pitfalls of chasing external validation.

  7. False Victory: Confront the truth behind your accomplishments and question whether they align with your innermost values.

  8. Shadow Rising: Delve into the darker aspects of your psyche, unearthing the hidden traumas and unresolved emotions that have influenced your life journey.

  9. Autocorrect: Courageously confront the challenges and awaken to your authentic self in the turning point or crisis when your shadows collide with your consciousness.

  10. Journey In: Embark on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery, seeking inner wisdom and clarity to heal and empower your spirit.

  11. Nobody: Embrace the pure, non-judgmental, loving presence of being nobody, free from the constraints of your somebody identity.

  12. Integration: Balance your authentic nobody essence with the various roles you fulfill in the world, allowing you to live a fulfilling and purposeful life while staying true to your inner self.

As you engage with the 12 Beats of Nobody School, remember that this journey is a game. Take risks, make mistakes, and have fun along the way, knowing that every step you take brings you closer to the ultimate goal of integration.

Check out the Nobody School Game Board (12 Beats Sheet)